The new
Kingii Wearable
for everyone who loves water
The new
Kingii Wearable
for those who love water

Reliable and reusable

An invention that seemed obvious in retrospect

Kingii is lightweight and can be worn in and around water. You can reuse Kingii by replacing the CO2 cartridge inside. If you love swimming, surfing and the water, you will love Kingii.

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The Kingii Wearable provides additional buoyancy, but cannot replace a life vest. 
Please read our security advice carefully.


Water sports

Be safe during your next adventure. The Kingii Wearable provides additional buoyancy when needed and is non-intrusive and reliable.

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Enjoy the time with your family in and around the water. If needed, the Kingii Wearable can provide additional buoyancy.


Leisure time

The Kingii Wearable can give you peace of mind. Enjoy fishing, kayaking, snorkling or any of your other favorite activities around the water.


On board

Enjoy spending your time on a boat? Kingii is a great addition to life vests. You and your friends can be safe on your next trip.


Our story

Fighting drowning is personal to us

Dear Friends,

I invented the Kingii Wearable because I had a very good friend who died from drowning. Even the most experienced swimmer can experience a water emergency, and my friend paid the price for being unprepared.

I learned that my friend was not the only one who needed something to save him from the dangers of water activities. More than 372,000 people across the world drown every year.

That is why I invented Kingii, the smallest inflatable in the world. Although this wristband cannot replace a life vest (read our security advice carefully), it can give you additional buoyancy. Please support us - we need you to spread the word to make the water a safer place.

Sincerely yours,

Tom Agapiades

Founder and President

Our story has gone around the world

We are  thankful that the Huffington Post, NBC, The New York Times, Wired, and many other international news outlets reported about our product and brought awareness to water safety.

(...) I was skeptical when I first took it out of the box and set it up on my wrist to test it during a recent vacation. The device seemed big and felt awkward when I first jumped the water. 

But after a few minutes of paddling around, I barely felt it. I wore it off and on while wake-boarding, jet-skiing and even swimming in open water for exercise.

When I lifted the lever, the airbag shot out just as advertised and pulled me straight to the surface, where I had to kind of wrestle it into position in front of me to keep my head above the waves. Once in that position, it provided more than enough buoyancy to keep me afloat. (...)

Social impact

Jobs for people with disabilities

We are collaborating with one of the largest nonprofit employers of people with disabilities to assemble Kingii Wearables in the U.S. Thereby, each Kingii Wearable contributes to creating jobs for people with disabilities.