Bring on #WaterSafetyWednesday!

We here at Kingii are so excited that summer is almost upon us here at Kingii headquarters in Northern California. We are blessed to have some of the best lakes, rivers, and beaches a short drive from home, along with pools, swimming holes, and creeks abundantly dotting our communities. When we travel far from home, it’s usually to water-rich locales such as Greece, the Mexican Riviera, and the beaches of South Africa. We love the water, and we designed the Kingii for everyone else who loves the water too.

But, we hear too often the scary stories of those who have experienced emergencies in, on, and around the water, and we know there has to be a way to prevent some of the nearly 400,000 deaths each year from drowning. Such a scary number, and most of those deaths are completely preventable.
We want to bring awareness to water safety. With a little planning and preparation, there are so many ways to be safer in the water and help others be water safe too. So we’ve decided that Wednesdays shall be called henceforth “Water Safety Wednesdays”! Our Kingii team will be bringing some awareness of how you can be safer in, on, and around the water through our Facebook and Twitter pages, utilizing the hashtag #WaterSafetyWednesday, and we hope that you will share your knowledge and insights too. Together, we can make the water safer for everyone to enjoy.

Kingii on Facebook… 10,000 Strong and Growing!

WOW!  Over 10,000 Kingii friends from around the world have joined us on Facebook, almost 7,000 on Instagram, and over 1,000 on Twitter!  (Truthfully, we struggle on Twitter… we always have more to say than 140 characters will allow!)  These are just our Kingii Corporate pages, not to mention our awesome teams around the world, working hard to bring Kingii to the beaches, rivers, lakes, and pools around the globe!

THANK YOU to everyone who is sharing the Kingii love worldwide- and stay tuned for some awesome new things to come!